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The mini carding machine is suitable for small production industries (mini-mills) and for laboratory tests.
This machine was projected to be easy-to-use, to process a big range of fibers and to be solid and robust like the industrial machines.

The mini carder was tested with different fibers (natural and synthetic).

For the normal use in mini-mills we processed wool, alpaca, angora, yak, cashmere, synthetic fibers, etc.
We tested fibres up to 80 mm long and we processed syntetic fibers from 3 deniers up to 200 deniers.

All the cylinders are wired with rigid card clothing and their position is adjustable.

The machine is provided by 2 exit systems to obtain a slubbing or a web.
Twister connected to the calender for slubbing.
Batt cylinder to roll up the web.

You can pass from one system to the other one in a short time (10-15 minutes).
The machine can be supplied with a twisting system to create a real twist on the slubbing.
This system increases the slubbing strength on many fibers (i.e. long and straight fibers like Alpaca-suri, short fibers like Yak).

The machine can be easily controlled by pushing a single button on the on-board panels.
The carder is provided by a very long inlet table to make easier the machine feeding.

The carder is driven by 3 motors (1 motor 2.2 KW + 1 moto-reducer 1.5 KW + 1 moto-reducer 0.5 KW) controlled by inverters.
Basic users can work with the default speeds and control the machine only with the start and stop buttons.
Advanced users can control these drivers to adjust the rollers speeds for a best carding process or to maximize the production.
The electric panel includes a main switch and the speed regulators.

For your safety the machine is completely protected by an external structure with screwed doors and 2 emergency buttons are located on both sides of the machine.